World Toilet Day today: 685,000 Pakistani children died since 2000 due to lack of toilets—WaterAid

By Amar Guriro KARACHI, SINDH: Carrying her ailing daughter in her lap, Kathirah, in her mid thirties, a housewife and mother of seven, has no enough money to take her child to any doctor, so she is treating her with home remedies. Her three year old daughter Daria is suffering with diarrhoea since past one two weeks. “I went a private small clinic More...

by Editor | Published 4 years ago
By Editor On Friday, July 25th, 2014

Sonpari, the Wastewater Pond

Mohammad Aslam Samoon Tando Mohammad Khan, Sindh The Sound of Children Playing These children in Tando Mohammad Khan are playing in the pile of garbage near the wastewater pond, Sonpaari. The name “Sonpaari” More...