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The Nature News (TNN), www.TheNatureNews.com is the first and the only of its kind online newspaper in Pakistan purely on environment, Climate Change and Science. As we are working on the betterment of environment and mother nature, therefore despite being a newspaper, we do not wish to print our pages on paper, as we believe in “Save paper, Save trees, Help the environment” principle

This unique online newspaper provides you the online news, breaking news, feature stories and indepth and investigative stories related to nature, mother earth, the environment, Climate Change, energy, water and sanitation and other issues related to general environment. We cover all these issues only in Pakistan.

Currently, we have around 46 journalists from 36 cities across Pakistan and these reporters’ ranges from very senior journalists who worked for different mainstream print and electronic media to the very junior level and there are citizen journalists and bloggers who bring exclusive stories on these issues

Our reporters report from glacier region of Gilgit-Baltistan to drought-hit region of Thar Desert of Sindh, fertile regions of Punjab like Multan and Lahore and also from Quetta where mostly reporters cover crime related issues.

Also this is a bilingual portal and we provide stories in Urdu (National language of Pakistan) so that general public may know about the policies related to environment and future climate threats to country and also in English for the policy makers to know grass-root level stories on environmental degradation and impacts of climate change on communities, also English section will help professional, young generation of Pakistan and common readers from other countries who want to read/watch environmental stories of Pakistan.

Since 2010, almost every year, Pakistan has experienced the worst flooding known on record. Other issues including reduced river flows, pollution in freshwater sources, forest reduction, over fishing, increased desertification, food insecurity and acute water shortage and worsening sanitation system across Pakistan; are all becoming major environmental problems for Pakistan.

Despite these significant issues the government is not taking the steps necessary to reduce the impacts of these problems, just because media is not covering these issues that’s what we believe.

Since 2002, the Pakistani media has become an empowered and independent body and the number of private television channels have grown from just three state-run channels in 2000 to 89 in 2012, according to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority. However, even with such a large number of television channels, environmental issues are not being highlighted and do not gain significant coverage.

A recent survey conducted by a group of environmental journalists reveals that most of the private television channels in Pakistan are spending 86 percent of their total air time to cover just three issues including Crime, Politics and Court proceedings, while environment is given only 2.8 percent of the total air time. Though, Pakistan is on the top of the countries suffering with Climate Change and environment degradation, but despite that ignorance towards such important issues by Pakistani mainstream media is surprising.

We are here, just as an attempt to fill that gap and cover environmental issues

With a staff of acclaimed journalists, our mission is to increase media coverage on environment and Climate Change. We provide the viewers with print, audio and video so as to get a clear picture of what is happening on ground in terms of environment and Climate Change. We update our page on daily basis and the news which we make is original not taken from any source.

Our all news is social media optimized and we are being followed up on twitter, face book and other search engines. We do cover all the areas of Pakistan and highlight the pros and cons going on. With just a click, we enable our viewers to see the required news in both English and Urdu. We cover all the areas as we have distributed the website into different categories. We provide all these services free of cost. We maintain this website on self help basis and financial supports are most welcome.

We have distributed it according to the provinces that are Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan. We have also divided the wild life, climate changes and sanitation respectively. We do also have plug-ins and also we give you the headlines of what is the burning question. We cover the news by getting to the place asking questions to the people living there taking their views and then putting up together in the form of news. We also take the original pictures as we capture them at the time.

We do have a blog where different people present their views for the current situation. It’s an entire team giving their best so that the public can be aware from the latest time to time.

As we continue our work towards adding new features to the site, we look forward to your feedback.

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