Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Losing Ground: River Indus Delta is disappearing, quickly

Farheen Amna Fareed

Elderly Ishaq Dablo, once a rich landlord, is jobless. Few years back, Dablo settlement Allah Dino Patel village of Thatta’s Hajamro Creek was flourishing and known for cultivating sugarcane, red rice and wheat. Due to increasing sea intrusion, as a result of climate change, Dablo’s village submerged at least twice during the last one decade.

Out of 13 islands, five have left while 40 million lands submerged into sea including Dablo’s settlement in the last decade or so.

“I used to cultivate various crops sugarcane, red rice and wheat but increasing sea intrusion has destroyed fertile lands, due to the sea water that vanished everything and snatched everything from the nearby settlements. In the result we lost out lands, crops and become jobless,” Dablo told TNN.

Once the fifth-largest in the world, the Indus River delta stretches 130 miles inland and covers 16,000 square miles, according to WWF-Pakistan.

“The River Indus is in trouble, though. Its 17 major creeks, through which the gusty water of River Indus was pushing seawater back, have almost dried up, allowing the Arabian Sea to flow upstream, due to which the fertile land of Indus River Delta is polluted with salt water and fouling farmland,” said Muhammad Ali Shah, chairperson of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, an non-governmental organization, working for the betterment of the fishermen community in the southern Pakistan.

This is not only Dadlo’s story, most of the area’s people are facing same fate as sea intrusion is increasing day by day.

“Farming was the only skill I learnt in life for living, but since there are no lands, life has become miserable for us. I am over sixty and it’s hard for me to start new life,” he added.

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  1. It is really a big problem and it is good that farheen turn our attention towards it and we prey to God that this situation change and save other land from this and farmers do not face poverty

  2. Abdul Waheed says:

    Its a honour to have friend like you,,outstanding work,,great job Farheen,,very informative work

  3. Atif Khan says:

    Great effort to highlight the danger to islands by global warming, the government should take necessary actions regarding global warming until unless they ruined the beauty and natural resources.

  4. Article successfully touches a thorny issue of environment that always take a back seat when a Govt. in a developing country, like ours, steers social priorities claiming pursuit of strong economy. In-fact stories like that old fellow “Ishaq Dablo” fairly tell the story of unfair social and economic circumstances. Indus Delta is the morgue of our national civic sense. Farheen, you proved that you possess the germs of leadership by visiting those far flung areas and bringing their disappointments before us, the less learned. Bravo Farheen,Keep it on.

  5. Climate change badly damaging pakistan coastal area, lack of water flow through Indus river has caused increasing sea intrusion, thousands are now homeless and saltwater has harmed fertile land. your effort in more than great to highlight difficulties of fisher folks and sea intrusion. your article occurs in Impact journalism that must provoke government official to take necessary actions.

  6. Farheen has been with us as a colleague for last four or five years. She is ambitious, open, energetic, inquisitive and blessed with personality traits that are essential to become good journalist. At desk we mostly engage her in international affairs, keeping view of her academic background; however when she writes out of her choice, her insight and vision about environment and its social impact become apparent and glaring. Her articles on the climate change and its sociology are well researched and well described. These articles not only provide us all possible information on the subject but also motivate readers to come out of their comfort zone and contribute to the solution of problem. Stay blessed Farheen I hope in future you will excel to the optimum of your credentials. Keep it up as we; the folks of night desk at Jang, are all waiting to listen and read more from you.

  7. Sabiha ahsun says:

    Great Farheen ur effor mindblowing… and your articles also great … we didnt know how much they people survive in crticle focus story was great…

  8. Sabiha ahsun says:

    Great Farheen ur effor mindblowing… and your articles also great … we didnt know how much they people survive in crticle situation…

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