Published On: Thu, Jul 14th, 2016

Hanging toilet is the only option for River Indus delta women

By Farheen Amna Fareed


The sea level rise has submerged several remote fishermen settlements and hamlets scattered along the estuary of River Indus in its delta in Thatta district of Sindh. Several settlements have been inundated and there is no place to construct a toilets, therefore, the residents have built hanging toilets few feet above the ground with the help of bamboos in the these villages. Villagers have also built small wooden ladder, so one can climb up these hanging toilets to respond to the call of nature.

“It’s not less than a juggling to use these toilets, we have to climb up to these shaking toilets and use it every morning, as almost entire village submerge every morning due to the high tide,” said a woman, resident of a village located in Hajamaro creek of River Indus delta.

Comprises on around ten household, this remote deltaic village has no proper sanitation system and due to the seal level rise, most of the residents have already migrated to other places.

“Most of people left the village and only those who even can’t afford a migration are still living here and we have no idea where to go” said Abdul a resident of the same village. He said while using these toilets many women have fallen and injured.

Environmentalist and official of World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Moazam Ali Khan said that, since there is no proper sanitation system in the village and use of such hanging toilets can cause different diseases among the children.

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