Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2015

Sea level rise: Education a distant dream for children in Karachi

Asad Dablo with his two friends are out of school, because their parents cannot afford their education

Asad Dablo with his two friends are out of school, because their parents cannot afford their education

Nosheen Hussain

KARACHI: Eight-year-old Asad Dablo with his two friends is sitting beside a huge-sized pond filled with seawater in the historical coastal fishermen settlement of Karachi, the Dabla Mohala of Ibrahim Hyderi. Upon asking why he and his friends are not attending school, he says the only school in the area submerged due to high tide, and is closed for months. “The other nearest school is three kilometres from our village,” says Dablo.

Located just on the edges of the Arabian Sea, the settlement is suffering due to sea level rise. Village elders say three decades ago the seawater was around 200 yards from the village, but now it is almost touching the residential huts.

Barefoot Asad, who seemed more mature than his age, reveals life has changed in recent years.
He is the eldest among three siblings, and holds the responsibility of earning bread and butter for the family.

“My father is a fisherman, and few years back we had a good financial status. But then he couldn’t find fish in the sea,” he says. “I wanted to go to school but my mother says go to work so we can meet our ends.”

Since then, Asad is working, and makes Rs5,000 ($50) a month for working twelve hours a day.

Asad’s family is not the only one who faced problems after the reduction of fish stock in the sea. The entire fishermen communities living along the coastline are suffering from sea level rise. They have no other option or skill to opt for, resulting in a worst financial situation leading towards inability to continue their children’s education.

According to Muhammad Ali Shah, chairman Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF), an association working for the welfare of fisher communities, Pakistan has a coastline of 700km, out of which Sindh shares 350km of which Karachi owns 129km. As many as two million people live along the Pakistan coast, with one million of them in Karachi alone.

“Sea level rise has caused the temperature of sea to increase. Uneven flow of river Sindh into the delta is causing migration of fishermen since 1956,” he says. “We have stopped the river behind dams and distracted their move in their natural and usual direction by forcing them to stop at our desirable points. Naturally, river will react and this reaction is disastrous.”

Located just on the edges of the Arabian Sea, the settlement is suffering due to sea level rise

Located just on the edges of the Arabian Sea, the settlement is suffering due to sea level rise

Increasing sea levels have swallowed more than 3.5 million acre of land and hundreds of villages by making it unproductive, adds Shah.

The PFF chairman says the world had 5,000 big dams in the 1950s but till 2000 there were 50,000 of them – all because of speedy construction and developmental work in urban areas.

Fishermen have no other means to survive; hence their children have to join their hands to share some financial responsibility, which destroys their childhood and education becomes a distant dream.

Masood Lohar, representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), says the Indus Valley Civilisation is facing ecological changes since years.

“In 1935, water used to reach the sea through almost 150 million acre feet (MAF). In 1950, it became 80MAF and the slope went down to 1MAF in 2001.”

This is because of the construction of Tarbela, Mangla and many other dams.

Senior Manager WWF-Pakistan Shahzadi Tunio says sea level rise has caused huge displacement in coastal areas of Pakistan.

“Most of the agricultural land in Thatta, Badin and Sujawal districts has become non-productive due to sea intrusion,” she says. “Besides, drinking water resources have been depleted, leaving many people vulnerable.”

Tunio adds that reduced livelihood resources have compelled many people to migrate to other areas creating food insecurity.

Standing Committee of Senate for Science & Technology submitted its report four months ago, saying Thatta and Badin will sink within 30 years whereas Karachi is expected to be submerged in next 60 years in the current ecological system. But there is no follow up or action taken on the report.

Migration of the fishermen community is still continuing from Thatta and Badin. Most of them have come to Karachi’s Ibrahim Hyderi. The question remains, will their children be able to go to school again?

This article has been published in arrangement with NCEJ as part of its training in Karachi on “Reporting impacts of climate change on communities”

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  21. Scary statistics. Authorities need to pay attention.

  22. very nice story belongs to basic human rights of education..children who live at coastal area,they have not gotten proper education facilities and rights.

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  26. Education is really a distant dream for majority of our country.

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  29. I was not aware of the fact that environment has such devastating effects on different aspects of life. I wish our media would cover more such issues.

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    We need the tonic of wildness. In short, Save environment.

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    We should “Go Green”

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    We should care about the mother nature. It is creating our life while we are destroying it.

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    This can be a good step to provide the basic information about the real issues. But there is a long way to go. More things are need to be done.

  41. Environment is affecting every single part of our life, every single angle is being changed through it so it should be given that much importance in order to make our life better.

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    “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

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