Published On: Thu, Aug 20th, 2015

Rainfall brings joy for Tharis


After three years of prolonged drought in Thar desert, this year the area received heavy rainfall, bringing happiness in the otherwise often miserable lives of Tharis

Jeetesh G Maheshwari

MITHI, THARPARKAR, SINDH: The rainfall in Thar has literally made the lives of the residents of Tharparkar a living dream. Water is a lifeline for them: their livelihood depends on agriculture, which is done with the help of cattle. And when there is water aplenty, the issue of feeding animals is no more.

It is part of the Thari culture to pray for rain in the times of drought. While different prayers are said, people also distribute food, i.e., rice, ghee, vegetables and wheat, etc among the people as part of the ritual.


In the local Dhatki language they say, iye barish puthiyan henkole ware hek barsat aye jaye, or pray for rain after rain.

Rain also enhances vegetation growth. One of the fastest growing vegetable of Thar is mushroom, locally known as Khunbhi. It is loved by the residents.

Over 886,461 people – with 296,572 in 512 camps have been evacuated owing to floods in Sindh.
The National Disaster Management Authority has said River Indus is still in high flood at Kotri, and in medium flood at Guddu and Sukkur.

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