Published On: Sun, Jan 25th, 2015

Garbage of KP’s Takht Bhai finds no place

Abdur Razzaq

MARDAN, KP: Residents of Takht Bhai, a important town of KP’s district Mardan, use to dump garbage on Takkar Road near Grand Trunk (GT) Road, increase miseries of people, commuters, shopkeepers and costumers that resulted in the spread of different fatal diseases.

People bring garbage and dump it on roadsides which can cause various diseases. The waste materials on roadsides and streets also become the cause of closure of the sewerage system in the town. Takkar Road is the busiest road and shopping center of Takht Bhai Bazzar where most of the people used to come for shopping.

Talking to this scribe, Zakir Hussain, a shopkeeper, said the garbage was dumped on daily basis and the concerned government employees did not remove it, adding that shopkeepers and costumers had been facing numerous problems because of the garbage dumped on roadside.

He said that people from School Road, Pat Baba Road, Takkar Road and other adjacent areas use to bring shopping bags full of garbage to Takkar Road while the Municipal administration did not remove it on time.

He mentioned that poor and drugs-addicted people often come to the dump-site and search rotten food stuffs for eating.

He said that they had asked the authorities to remove the garbage from the area because they were facing problems but they did not take any action regarding the matter.

Bilal Khan, a student, said that the garbage on roadside make the environment polluted and also increased the problems of students, especially those female wearing veil (burqa).

He added that the place was not suitable for garbage dumping, suggesting that the wastage should be burnt in the deserted areas where people did not go frequently.

Dr. Nowsherwan, said that due to lake of awareness people use to put garbage in streets and roadsides which could cause several diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and skin diseases.

He mentioned that the wastage produced mosquitoes which could easily spread malaria, adding that the wastage could also cause the closure of drainage system and the contaminated water sometimes linked with drinking water.

He expressed that to control pollution in the society both government and local community should joint-hand to dump wastage on right place not on roads and in streets.

Usman, an officer at Municipal Committee (MC) Takhat Bhai, while rejecting the allegations, said that MC had three tractors and almost 32 staff members who removed garbage from streets and roadsides on daily basis.

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