Published On: Wed, Oct 1st, 2014

Depletion of mangrove forests along Sindh coast

Rana Jawed

KARACHI, SINDH: Mangroves are still on a verge of destruction as the trees are still being cut down which is not only affecting the marine life as different species of fishes and prawns are endangered but is also giving invitation to floods.

From a variety of ten different species of mangroves only three species can be found in Pakistan as the mangroves forests have shrunk to 73001 hectors from 228812 hectors.

Mangroves, known as “Nursery of different species of fish” is getting cut day by day as it is being sold to different people for different purposes. It not only beautifies the coastal belt of the sea but also prevent the city from getting destroyed by the cyclones and floods.

According to the statistical data, Sindh delta is based on 52800 kilometers, and is the world’s seventh largest delta having the widest range of mangroves. Here used to be 8 different species of mangroves but due to lack of interest of government as well as environmental department they have decreased to 3 kinds of species.

It is being feared by seeing the speed of cutting these forests that these three leftover kinds will soon come to an end.

Of about 155, 811 hectors of mangroves are being cut from the past 29 years up to date, and the coastal belt of Karachi, Thatta and Badin are surrounded by the sea water which is not a good sign.

In this regard, it came on board that the places from where a huge range of mangroves are being cut includes Keemari, Korangi, Ibraheen Haideree, Baba Bhatt, and areas of Badin where not only they are being shattered but also being sold as they are used in factories for running the boilers, and also matches are made by the wood.

On the other hand, in order to create space for the imports and exports by the ships at Port Qasim, mangroves are being destroyed and there is no strict action against this violation by the government.

Mangrove trees at the shore are very important for the Indus delta and they are being destroyed due to marine pollution and also by dumping the industrial as well as domestic waste in the sea.

The land mafia on the coasts is also cutting down the trees; they not only sell the woods after cutting the trees but also use them for their homes decor which is indirectly destroying the timber forests.

Experts say that it will be a huge loss if we cut down the trees of timber and use that space for land. They further said that the areas like Defence Phase 7 and 8, Korangi creek, etc are being used as land by cutting down the trees and forests.

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