Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Climate Change and lack of land reforms forces KP peasants to suffer

Abdur Razzaq

PESHWAR, KP: Illegal expulsions of farmers and unjustified distribution of profits on agricultural production, led to the formation of peasantry movements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), like other parts of the country.

From the beginning, the peasants of KP are resisting against the illegal polices of government and protested across the province for their rights.

Taking to The Nature News, one Khan Zada, 86, said his ancestors were living for the last hundreds years, adding that they had taken lands from local landlords and Khans for agriculture purpose.

He said that he and his fellow used to give one-third profit of the agriculture production to the land owners but later they (landlords) demand huge profits in the production.

He mentioned that due to such illegal demands, they started protests against the landlords of the area in late 1969. He added that during protests he and his fellow protesters were sent behind the bars by the provincial government.

He said that the reforms were made by the government in different times were totally against the peasants, adding that those reforms were in the favor of capitalists landlords.

Haji Naimat Shah Roghani, Senior Vice President of Anjuman-e-Kashtkaran KP chapter, resident of district Mardan, said that peasants started the Anjuman-e-Kashtkaran movement to provide justice to the peasants.

He added that famers had lot of problems in sugar mills, tobacco companies and in arrogation department, further said that they were working for the betterment of the farmers across the province.


While talking about Hashtnagar peasants’ movement, he said that,” Hashtnagar, an area of Charsdda district had fertile lands, adding that Khans of the area decided to cultivate their lands by own means and because of that the local peasants were dismantled from those cultivated land.”

“The movement was begun in 1948. The Hashtnagar land is very significant for sugar cane production. The peasants of the area started massive evictions. The landlords of the area were politically strong and had terms with Awami National Party that’s why they gained government support and went ahead with the peasant evictions policy” he mentioned.

Before the Hashtnagar movement, farmers of the area used to gave one-third profit of the whole production but after the evictions of peasants, farmer giving profits of the production to the Khans, he added.

He mentioned that the slogan of the Hashtnagar was “peasantry rights”, adding that later in 1960s the peasantry movement entered into new era of the agitation against the ruling elite and landlords.

He said that later Mazdoor Kisan Party was formed, which gave preference to work the betterment of the farmers and peasants, adding that the Mazdoor Kisan party also joined hands with other movements of that time.

He concluded that whether the government did not heed to the problems of peasants such movements would be started against the government. He asked the government to made reforms regarding land distribution in the country base on justice.

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