Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Floods, its damages and the failed projects

Babrik Karmal Jamali


Whatever the plans are being made in the world they provide a huge range of profit to the people. In the same way plans were executed in Balochistan which haven’t come to any result. A plan with the name RBOD III started in 2004 which although was completed but some of the Wapda government officers and illiterate people of irrigation did not let it come in the way it was to be executed.

According to the right bank master plan RBOD III was to overcome the sepage in the areas of Sindh and Baluchistan . after the acceptance ACNAC in 2004 in which its budget was aid to be 4486 million which was not appreciated and later was raised to 6535 million.

According to Sindh water and developmental authority 80 percent of the work has been done and 20 percent work is being carried out.during the preparation of PC one NOC was being issued for the siphon. This was then forwarded to the experts whee they presented some points which are:
1. Such a structure should be made on the siphon from which only 600 cusics water can be passed and the left over water should cross from haer deen cariier drain. The Balochistan Governemnt agrees on this.

2. In shahdad kot the seepage drain should be 6 to 10 feet deep which has already been done.

3. The drain should be remodelled in shadad kot. From RDO to 58 RD. its remodeling has been done but due to non serious attitude of the wapda it is still a question which needs to be answered. Siphon issue has been rated as a secondary issue by them.

This a national plan from which of about 10000 cucic water can be drained but despite of the fact knowing that this water is harmful for humans, animals and the field too. Barriers have been placed in order to stop the water from going there. It has badly affected Balochistan and the people living there. People are dying from starvation as they don’t have food and water to eat and drink. People have shifted from their homes. Sindh government, parliament and Wapda are not taking any serious steps against this situation whereas on the other hand people are suffering from loss of lives.

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