Published On: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

First dictionary in Sindhi language on Climate change launched

Dictioanry launch
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KARACHI, SINDH: WWF-Pakistan’s Building Capacity on Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Pakistan (CCAP) project in collaboration with Friends of Indus Forum formally launched first dictionary on environment and climate change in Sindhi here at local hotel. Speaking on the occasion the Former Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Mazhar ul Haq Siddiqui highlighted the need to disseminate scientific knowledge to common men for tackling climate change effectively. He said that advancement in science is taking place at fast pace and same momentum is required for translation in Sindhi and other languages. He lauded the efforts of WWF and author of dictionary Dr. Al Murtaza Dharejo for bringing out pioneering dictionary in Sindhi.

Dr. Fahmida Hussain, Chairperson Sindhi Language Authority said that this dictionary was need of the hour which would help academia, media, scientific community and development sector. She said that due to lack of scientific vocabulary in Sindhi, the author has given descriptions of the words for readers to better understand the terms. She further said that language authority has published 15 dictionaries on various themes while it is planning to produce 20 more dictionaries. She urged that Sindhi scholars should come forward and extend their support in developing and translating scientific material in Sindhi language.

Prof. Qalander Shah said that the environmental degradation is more evident in Sindh than other parts of the country. He said that on one hand government is not serious in sustainable management of natural resources while on the other hand capitalist are promoting consumerism which is threatening natural eco system. He deplored that environmental laws are hardly implemented. He said that dictionary would be useful for people belonging to different walks of life.

Dr. Habib ul Allah Siddiqui, educationalist said that environment has to be made part of syllabus from primary up to graduation and hence series of dictionaries on environmental related themes are required.

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Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo, author of the dictionary said that climate change is adversely impacting the biodiversity and changing the topography of Sindh. He also said that around 2.7 million acres land of Thatta and Badin districts have been eroded by sea. Many diseases such as dangue, maliaria, congo fever and lashmia are being caused by climate change. He said that looking at the vanishing flora fauna of Sindh, he developed that dictionary. He also said that it is the first dictionary on climate change and environment in Sindhi. International Phonetic Alphabet (IFA) has been followed while writing pronunciations. He also demanded for revival of Sindhi Science Society which contributed significant publications in fields of scientific literature

Nasir Ali Panhwar, General Secretary Friends of Indus Forum said that climate change has not been given priority as compared to other sectors. He further said that climate change has become reality which need to be addressed at various levels. He said that the first research paper supporting climate change came in 1932, and so far 14000 papers have been appeared, while only 24 papers have been published against the climate change. He said that effects of climate change in the shape of floods, droughts and heavy rains are evident. If current pattern of development continue in the world, it is expected that temperature may rise from 2.6 to 2.8 Celsius He said that biodiversity and linguistic diversity are closely linked.

Muhammad Tahir Abbasi, Site Coordinator, WWF-Pakistan’s CCAP said that the organization has been working on climate change in Pakistan for last 5 years. He further said that though Pakistan is not directly contributing to climate change but is highly affected by it and falls on the eighths number in global vulnerability index. He further said that interactive maps have been developed to identify the hazards in project areas. He also said that considering current ecological conditions of Indus delta, study on environmental flows is being conducted. He said that dictionary is part of project activities to raise awareness on climate change.

Dr. Muhmmad Yar Khuhawar from University of Sindh, journalist, Naz Sahito; Ishaque Mangrio, Noor Ahmed Janjhi, Suleman G. Abro, Mehran Mallah and others also lauded dictionary.

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