Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Sonpari, the Wastewater Pond

Mohammad Aslam Samoon

Tando Mohammad Khan, Sindh

The Sound of Children Playing

These children in Tando Mohammad Khan are playing in the pile of garbage near the wastewater pond, Sonpaari. The name “Sonpaari” may sound pleasant but this junk pile and drain water has been turned into a lake and towards the corner, plastic bags, dead animals and hospital waste can be seen, taking shape of a garbage lot. Just next to this bilge are a few slum-like houses, which are badly affected by this mess. Among the distressed is a woman named Ghulam Fatima Baloch.

“This effluent in Sonpaari is here since years, and its foul-smell is increasing by the day,” reveals Fatima. “Pollution is making our children suffer from Gastro, as well as skin diseases, among other ailments. The polluted water should be removed from here such that we can avoid these illnesses.”

Another woman resident of Sonpaari, Jannat Baloch, is also facing problems because of the polluted water.

“Since we live near the wastewater pond, we counter numerous problems,” complains Jannat. There are mosquitoes here, leading to Malaria and other water-borne diseases. Please make us rid of these troubles.”

In this regard, Taluka Municipal Administrator Javed Rajpar was contacted; however, the administration seems to be busy making other plans.

“Since dumping garbage isn’t allowed on private property, we collect it only at the Administration’s premises,’” says Rajpar. “There were problems in Sonpaari, initially, but since the digging of wells, they’ve resolved. Now the sewerage water does not stand through the pond.”

Asma, a child who resides in this beautifully-named but filthy locale of Sonpaari, wishes to have a park in her area. “We were promised to have built a recreational park here, but to no avail,” she says. “We don’t want anything else; just a park in place of this junkyard.”

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